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Accessibility Statement

All of us have access needs, but some of our needs are normalized while others are not. I strive to make myself and my work as accessible as possible in order to co-create a liberated world where communities are defined by a deep sense of belonging and healing. Below are accessibility details for site users as well as potential clients. 

“[A]ccess [is] a collective joy and offering we can give to each other”
Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Care Work: Dreaming Disability Justice

Accessibility for Site Users

This site features: 

  • Content in Canadian English 

  • Visual indicators to allow visitors using a keyboard to navigate to see a blue rectangle to indicate their location on the page as they toggle throuugh.  

  • Screen reader abilities, including alt text

    • Recommended screen readers: 

      • Windows + Firefox or Chrome: NVDA (Free reader)

      • Mac + Safari: Voiceover (Built-in reader)

      • Android + Chrome: Talkback (Built-in reader)

      • IOS + Safari: Voiceover (Built-in reader)

  • Alt text or image descriptions on all graphics and images 

  • High contrast colour scheme and sans serif fonts in sizes no smaller than 14 point

  • Limited animation and motion. Visitors are able to turn off motion completely in their operating systems should they wish. On Windows, this setting is called Show Animations, and on Mac, the setting is called Reduce Motion.

Accessibility for Potential Clients 

In my work with potential clients, I am committed to: 

  • Captioning any videos and/or providing transcripts 

  • Following best accessibility practices in multimedia 

  • Using physically accessible spaces for gatherings 

  • Providing accessible pdfs and word documents 

  • Working with you to provide ongoing access

If you have any access needs that are not currently met in my website or in my work, please contact me and I will do my best to meet your needs! I can be reached through my "Contact Me" page. 

Updated March 2023

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