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Looking Ahead:

My Approach

A photo of Andrea Oakunsheyld, a curvy white woman who is wearing a blue blouse, black leggings, and a grey purse with her red hair in a bun, outside of the Natural History Museum in Vienna, Austria, smiling and posing with a baby elephant statue

My practice is based on Kimberlé Crenshaw's work on intersectionality. I believe that as people we carry many different identities and experiences with us. These identities and experiences interact inside of us as well as with the identities and experiences of other people. Some of the lenses I use in my work on intersectional planning are culture, ethnicity, gender and attraction, disability and accessibility, class, and body positivity. 


In my practice I hold space for people and their complex stories, looking for places where stories fit together to build communities. I believe that a good planning process is itself a relationship which takes everyone into account, and I prioritize making myself as safe as possible for diverse communities while building joy, creativity, and confidence into all of my processes. 

While I am primarily a planner, I am a holistic and systems thinker with diverse skillsets and experiences. This allows me to occupy many different roles, from planner to storyteller to facilitator, in order to best support you and your community. 

I am a...

Logo, a graphically designed outline of the Lonely Mountain from "The Hobbit" further surrrounded by a mountain range
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