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A gold arched window showing a bright campfire burning with sparks flying in the dark.

& Workshops

How we gather and work together is powerful. At a time when everyone is simultaneously burned out but craving connection, I help to clear away the elements of gathering that feel draining and move us creatively toward your purpose with momentum. 

Gather with purpose to learn, build relationships, problem-solve, and create change. 

Make Meaning Through Gathering

I design gatherings to fit their purpose because gathering can create relationships, healing, solutions, ideas, safety, and even whole movements. My facilitation is trauma-informed, centres anti-oppression, and emphasizes accessibility. I facilitate in-person, online, and hybrid (if tools and technology allow for an inclusive experience for online folks). I’m a chameleon of a facilitator, shaping my style to fit your purpose, just like the gathering. I set spaces with intention, hold people in all of their complexity, and synthesize what I hear into a whole that reflects the group. 


My workshops are engaging and interactive, helping to break down big concepts. Similar to my curriculum design, my workshops are designed to engage all learning styles and I invite participants to bring their perspectives and experiences to their learning.

My Process

  • Build relationships  

  • Co-create a work plan that works for you and meets your needs 

  • Confirm purpose, core concepts, and key takeaways

  • Identify evaluation metrics that matter to you 

  • Co-create agenda (and activities if desired) 

  • Celebrate achievements and highlight next steps

A photo of Andrea speaking at an outdoor event with a microphone. Andrea is wearing a black blazer and flown pants, a gold scarf, and red hair up in a bun. There are people walking and listening behind her and a city intersection is visible in the background.
A sloping mountain ridge with green grass on one side and blue and yellow wildflowers in the foreground.

Sample Tools

  • Diversity Welcome

  • Deep democracy 

  • Soft shoe shuffle 

  • Visual deck 

  • Spectrum line 

  • Perspective inventory

  • Head, heart, and hands

  • Adult learning styles 

  • Sensory modes and mediums of learning 

  • Collaborative whiteboard 

  • Real-time polls and surveys 

  • Games 

  • Breakout groups 

  • Decision-making processes

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