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Instead of making my clients fit into my processes, I design my processes to fit my clients. I draw from an extensive collection of tools and frameworks that provide flexible structure to bespoke processes for my clients in order to best meet their needs. 

My approach is informed by an expansive constellation of past and present thinkers, with Dr. Kimberlé Crenshaw (intersectionality) and Dr. Sara Ahmed (Living a Feminist Life) as particular guiding stars. I am a planner, storyteller, community organizer, urbanist, world-builder, death worker, healer, strategist, theorist, educator, advocate and more. My ability to shapeshift between roles allows me to support clients in unique ways to co-create the liberated world we want, one moment at a time. 

Anti-Oppression & Trauma-Informed Practice

Intersectionality, anti-oppression, and trauma-informed practice are all distinct ways of working but, for me, they are interconnected. I work with clients who want to co-create a liberated world and who would like help to navigate the complexities of this work; given that we still live in systems of oppression, this means an anti-oppressive approach is essential. I work from an intersectional, power-conscious, and trauma-informed lens to support clients with transformative processes and deliverables. 

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Creative Problem Solving & Systems Change

Consultants are often helpful when we are too close to the situation or we’ve been looking at it for too long. It can be easy to feel bogged down by “how things have always been done” or all of the potential challenges to doing something differently. On top of that, change is scary, even when we want it. I bring a fresh perspective, creativity, and holistic systems-thinking to explore big questions and your biggest challenges together. 


Principles that I draw on here are divergence, transformation, and praxis - we explore how things can be done differently, mobilize your theory to practice, and transform the current moment into the future you want.

Relationship & Storytelling

The best work is done in relationship. I work to create safety and trust throughout all of my processes by prioritizing people and their wellbeing as well as holding space for people to bring as much of themselves to the work as they would like to. Both processes and deliverables are woven with storytelling practices - my processes meet people where they are at by inviting their stories and my deliverables synthesize both qualitative and quantitative data into a cohesive story that fits your purpose. 


Principles that I draw on here are liminality and reclamation - we embrace multiple perspectives, value lived and living experience, and orient to who you seek to serve.

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