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Community, Strategic, & Health Planning

Planning for the future can feel daunting, whether it’s because the scope of the work needed feels so big or because the future you want feels out of reach. If your planning work feels overwhelming, I can help! 

Plan for the future you want while staying adaptable in the moment.

Move Forward With Confidence

We can’t predict the future, so why do we need to plan? Planning isn’t about predicting the future or manufacturing certainty. Instead, planning is about understanding our current moment, looking to our past for guidance, and meeting uncertainty with adaptive tools so that we can move toward the future we want. 


I have extensive and highly varied experience developing impactful plans and strategies, where planning is both a process and a result. From this experience, I have built a library of processes, frameworks, and tools that provide flexible structure while resisting a cookie-cutter approach. My experience in planning has shown me over and over that, while there are many shared experiences, every client is unique. I am committed to meeting each client where they are at to ensure that plans are tailored, effective, and usable.

My Process

  • Build relationships 

  • Co-create a work plan that works for you and meets your needs 

  • Explore key takeaways from the past 

  • Engage the right people

  • Understand the current moment 

  • Name the the future(s) you want 

  • Map the path from the current moment to your desired future(s) 

  • Identify evaluation metrics that matter to you 

  • Structure implementation to suit your needs 

  • Celebrate achievements and close the work

Andrea and a colleague facilitating a community engagement in a public space. Participants are spaced out in bright yellow chairs and listening.
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Sample Tools

  • Vision boards

  • Accessible engagement design 

  • Modified appreciative inquiry 

  • SWOT/SOAR analysis 

  • PESTLE analysis 

  • Plan-do-study-act cycles 

  • Adaptive cycle 

  • Gap analysis 

  • Objectives and Key Results 

  • Key performance indicators 

  • Journey mapping 

  • Heat mapping / dotmocracy 

  • Scenario planning 

  • Blue ocean strategy 

  • Theory of change 

  • Collaborative work plans  

  • Interval evaluation models

Community Planning

“Community” means so many things but, essentially, a community plan means a plan for a whole community - whatever that community happens to be! I work with self-identified communities who are looking to make a plan for themselves, whatever the size. This can include local governments, Indigenous communities, neighbourhoods, organizations, and collectives. 

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is all about you. We will explore who you are, what your goals are, and how to reach your goals to create a practical roadmap for your team. 

Health Planning

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, many of us are increasingly aware of how important health and healthcare are while also seeing our healthcare systems fail under increasing and overlapping crises (ex. simultaneous housing, opioid, climate, and COVID-19 crises). I work with health-based organizations, governments, and communities to strategize better and more equitable health outcomes. 

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