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At Your Service:


I have a wide palette of community-building services that can be combined and tailored to your needs. I work on a sliding scale in order to be more accessible to marginalized communities. To discuss fee structures, please fill out my contact form under "Contact Me!". 

Comprehensive Community Planning 

Comprehensive Community Planning is "holistic planning, driven by the community, developed by First Nations in British Columbia"- CCP website. Get support at any step in your CCP journey! To find out more about Comprehensive Community Planning, click on the link above 

Communication Strategy 

Focus areas can include gap analysis, community building, connecting, internal communications, external communications, social media, and branding.

Community Children's Books & Creative Projects

At the heart of every community are stories. Work with me to co-create children's books and other creative, collective storytelling projects that center your values and work towards your community's goals. 

Solidarity Co-Facilitator

While I have a number of marginalized identities, I am also a white person holding white privilege. As Black, Indigenous, Mixed,  People of  Colour (BIMPOC) often experience harm in their work, some may wish to have a co-facilitator to assist in managing white fragility and racism. If you are a BIMPOC facilitator / project manager / etc. and would like me as a co-facilitator on your terms and at a reduced rate, get in touch and we'll make it work. 

Strategic Planning

"Strategic planning is a systematic decision-making process that focuses attention on important issues and on how to resolve them" - UN Habitat. Strategic planning can be done at any scale and can range between a 1-10 year time frame. 

Engagement & Consultation

Get help designing a collaborative and participatory engagement process that leaves your community feeling heard and valued.

Analysis & Report Writing

Research and reports can feel overwhelming, but I love them! I can help  you  analyze data, organize ideas, and communicate your content in a usable and digestible report. 


Whether you want a single workshop or a series, I can tailor workshops for you and your team. Workshops are a unique learning experience where I facilitate a space and the tools for your learning, but you teach yourself along with me. Topics range widely within equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility, but can also encompass topics of policy, organizing and community building, and urbanism topics. Diverse learning styles welcome! 

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, & Accessibility Consulting

These concepts are gaining popularity in our work places- work with me to keep your work in these areas meaningful! I specialize in academia, planning, and organizations looking to take their next step. 


As a facilitator, I hold space for many different people for a wide range of purposes, looking to synthesize perspectives and weave shared understandings together. 

Policy Development & Support

Policy greatly impacts our everyday lives but it can be difficult to write and even harder to translate back into plain language. I can help you shape policy that does what you want it to and bring it back to community.

Public Speaking

Unlike a workshop, public speaking is more of a presentation or lecture style of learning while still being engaging and dynamic. Topics on public speaking are similar to my workshops above, and I am always happy to work with you on more tailored topics. 

Resource Creation

With a love for learning, I can assist you in creating interesting and multimedia resources that meet your needs. 

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