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Curriculum Building

I create holistic curricula that centre learners as active participants, build on intuitive sense-making, and tailor support for facilitators. My curricula are built for diverse learners that invite critical thinking, experiential learning, and deep personal reflection. 

Make content accessible and meaningful.

Create Impactful
Knowledge-Sharing Experiences

Where traditional western pedagogies (theories of teaching and learning) position learners as passive recipients of information, I frame learners as active participants in their learning experience. Even with the same course content, a learner interacting at a certain point in time with the content, teaching method, and teaching medium can be likened to unique chemical reactions. In other words, how learners relate to the content and its delivery and what they do with it are unique to them. Curricula can work with or against diverse, personal ways of learning. I design curricula as a flexible structure that supports shared learning while inviting learners to bring their whole selves, including their own knowledges. 


I do this by first organizing content in intuitive ways that make sense as a cumulative learning journey. Second, I build out the learning journey to include all learning styles in each session and/or module and match diverse, open-ended prompts and activities that welcome learners’ individual perspectives and experiences. Third, I create facilitation resources that explicitly invite and prompt learners to bring their perspectives and experiences to their learning. Because content cannot be separated from how it is delivered, I include resources and training for the teachers who will be stewarding and facilitating the curriculum.

My Process

  • Build relationships 

  • Co-create a work plan that works for you and meets your needs 

  • Identify purpose, core concepts, and key takeaways

  • Identify evaluation metrics that matter to you 

  • Engage the right people

  • Gather and sort information 

  • Build curriculum structure 

  • Finalize content 

  • Journey map from participants’ perspective

  • Structure implementation to suit your needs 

  • Train the trainer 

  • Celebrate achievements and end on a call to action

Andrea public speaking at a podium. Andrea is wearing a black and white printed top, black bottoms, an orange scarf, and red hair in a bun. She is turned to the right at what she is presenting as she speaks.
A silvery spiderweb highlighted with dew in the sunlight.

Sample Tools

  • Traditional (sensory) learning styles 

  • Adult learning styles 

  • 5 models of pedagogy 

  • Information & journey mapping 

  • Learning outcomes 

  • Reflection and meaning-making prompts 

  • Creative projects 

  • Experiential opportunities

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