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Writing, & Policy

I offer research, writing, policy review, and policy creation services that help you achieve your goals. These scopes of work are often the things that fall through the cracks and I’m here to help you not only move these pieces forward, but make them work for you. 

Get thoughtful perspectives and the support you need. 

Get Scaleable Support

Research, writing, and policy can feel like that little bit “extra” on top of other big priorities that push us to burnout, even when they’re big priorities themselves. Research can feel nebulous, writing may not fit with your professional skill set, and policy is its own language - they take so much brain space! 


With degrees in English(BA), Urban Studies(BA), and Planning(MCRP), I have a unique skill set that I use to free up your capacity while meeting your goals. I work with you to determine  whether you want me to do the heavy lifting while still engaging you; you want to work in a collaborative partnership; or you want to use me as a sounding board and reviewer. I’m here to make this the most supportive process for you!

My Process

  • Build relationships 

  • Co-create a work plan that works for you and meets your needs 

  • Get clear on tone, audience, and purpose 

  • Information review 

  • Data analysis (if applicable) 

  • Summarize and synthesize information 

  • Provide framing, clarity, and any supporting elements (ex. glossary of terms)

  • Craft deliverable(s)

  • Review with you and tweak if needed 

  • Celebrating achievements and closing the work

Andrea and 2 colleagues turned and journeying away from the camera. One colleague is walking and one colleague is using a wheelchair. In the background there is a building with trees and a totem pole.
A river cutting through a green, rocky valley with a peacefully cloudy sky above.

Sample Tools

  • Case studies

  • Environmental scan 

  • Applied research 

  • Ethnographic research 

  • Ethical, community-based research  

  • Focus groups 

  • Survey design and analysis 

  • Google forms and sheets 

  • Problem, agitate, solution framework 

  • Problem, amplify, solution, transform, offer, resolution framework  

  • Systems mapping 

  • Bodystorming (exploring scenarios) 

  • Legislative theatre (policy role playing)


I work with you to explore the questions you’re interested in and we co-create research questions, scope, sources list, and your deliverable. For community-based research, I design and facilitate trauma-informed, respectful, and reciprocal community-based, participatory research processes. 


Whether it’s a report, plan, policy, or something else entirely, I work with you to understand the tone, audience, and purpose of the writing you need. Writing can be done under your or your organization’s name and voice for a feeling of internal ownership or it can be done under my name for a feeling of an external, third party perspective. 


Policy is a tough area because it needs to be supportive enough to help you achieve your desired outcomes but not so prescriptive that it gets in the way. I start policy work by exploring the scope with you, including on how much room for change there is, and I work with you to make policies practical and operational. Scope options that can be tailored into a package include: 

  • Review and recommendations on existing policy 

  • Proposed edits to existing policy

  • Co-creating new policy together

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