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A golden arched window showing an orange and white lighthouse on a rocky cliff in grey, foggy weather.

JEDI Consulting

I work with clients who want to co-create a liberated world where communities are defined by a deep sense of belonging and healing. We work one step, one moment at a time, iterating over time to transform the current moment into the future(s) we need.

Transform through revisiting systems, content, and policies.  

Navigate Complex Systems with Compassionate Support

While many of us may agree on the way the world “should be”, the bigger challenge is coming to terms with the injustices of our current moment and the long legacies of oppression that have led us here. Although we can’t change the past, we can choose to take accountability, offer repair to those harmed, and recalibrate to more just ways of doing things. 


JEDI consulting is highly varied from one client and one project to another, which is why so many folks feel overwhelmed by it! While oppression generally has the same intertwined, shared roots (ex. colonialism, white supremacy, transphobia, ableism, capitalism), anti-oppression work is complex and we often need help to navigate it. I work with clients (often in tailored teams) to collectively resist and eliminate oppression by working in solidarity with marginalized communities and by shifting power. My teams uplift both lived and professional experience, bringing balanced and nuanced perspectives to create meaningful opportunities for transformation.

My Process

  • Build relationships 

  • Co-create a work plan and team that works for you and meets your needs 

  • Explore patterns and key takeaways from the past 

  • Engage the right people

  • Understand the current moment 

  • Name the the future(s) you want 

  • Map the path from the current moment to your desired future(s) 

  • Identify evaluation metrics that matter to you 

  • Structure implementation to suit your needs 

  • Celebrate achievements and close the work

Andrea hugging a colleague on a city sidewalk. Buildings, cars, and a stoplight are visible in the background.
A snowy, rocky mountain and golden grassy hills with a person standing between them, reflected in a still, glassy body of water.

Sample Tools

  • Community agreements 

  • Glossary of terms 

  • Spectrum of solidarity

  • TSER Gender Unicorn 

  • Accessibility checklist 

  • Restorative & transformative justice frameworks

  • Reflection activities 

  • Affinity groups 

  • 1-1 conversational interviews 

  • Dialogue circles 

  • Surveys

  • Procedures and policies

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