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City of Vancouver Climate Justice Charter

The City of Vancouver (City) sought out a consultant team to work collaboratively with the City's Climate Equity Working Group (CEWG) to design a process that would explore the appropriate approach and content for the CJC, design a process that would develop the content of the CJC, and to execute these processes into the CJC as a deliverable.

Working with Keltie Craig (she/her), Luna Aixin (they/them), and Ginger Gosnell-Myers (she/her), our team designed and delivered a meaningful, respectful engagement process to surface the ideas and insights of the resident-led CEWG as well as integrating feedback from Indigenous community members and other equity-denied groups. We integrated the directions arising from this engagement into a compelling and visionary Charter, which received full sign-off by members of the CEWG as well as the review and support of the Swwú7mesh Nation. It was accepted by Council in Feb 2023.

Our team will be working with City staff throughout 2023 to integrate the community-led Charter within City policy and practices, and introduce it to staff and community partners.


Being accepted by Council, City staff are taking everyday guidance from the CJC and informing staff structures. A Climate Justice Field School was co-hosted by the Solutions Lab (City of Vancouver) and a design team from Emily Carr University of Art + Design from summer-fall 2023 in response to the CJC.


Targeted engagement, review of existing Host Nation documents, process summary, Climate Justice Charter.

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