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West Coast LEAF Strategic Plan

West Coast LEAF is a feminist legal non-profit that works to address gender-based discrimination through litigation, legal reform, and public legal education. West Coast LEAF worked with Lara Therrien Boulos of Unearthing Wisdom Consulting to undertake a long-term strategic planning process. I was brought on to support this process as a governance consultant, white affinity/accountability group facilitator, and strategic planning retreat co-facilitator. This strategic planning process explored the challenges that the organization was facing and their root causes, the goals of the organization, and relational approaches to change.


This strategic planning process drew out insights from staff and created more space to try new things. Through facilitation, we supported deep change management, relational and equitable ways of working, and improved communication, resulting in a more trusting, creative, and synergistic organization.


Strategic planning retreat; race-based affinity groups; board and staff presentations; strategic plan.

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