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YWCA City Shift Environmental Scan & Report

The YWCA Metro Vancouver is one of the largest social service agencies in British Columbia with the mission to advance gender equity alongside women, families, Two-spirit and gender diverse people through advocacy and integrated services that help support personal, collective and economic wellbeing. The YWCA Metro Vancouver sought out consultants to complete a gender-based analysis+ (GBA+) environmental scan of 16 municipalities in Metro Vancouver. Working with Keltie Craig, Lara Therrien Boulos, and Luna Aixin, our team conducted an environmental scan that reviewed corporate/strategic plans, equity plans, and housing plans for each municipality in addition to 7 equity best-practice case studies. Our employed an intersectional lens our scan, offering a gap analysis and strategic next steps.


This environmental scan enabled the YWCA to launch their City Shift initiative: “YWCA City Shift is aims to make our region more equitable, prosperous and just by supporting Metro Vancouver cities to challenge assumptions, incorporate diverse perspectives and support actions that serve the entire community”.


Research frameworks; list of key municipal contacts; environmental scan report.

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